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Detroit is Different Podcast with Phillip Cooley

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I welcomed guest Phillip Cooley on the Detroit is Different podcast. Cooley is the owner of Slows Bar B Q, and a staunch Detroit advocate. Phillip’s story was very intriguing. We share a blind faith, and tireless love for the city.

Khary WAE Frazier & Phillip Cooley, Phillip Cooley & wife Kate
Khary WAE Frazier & Phillip Cooley, Phillip Cooley & wife Kate

We discussed his move to Detroit 12 years ago from Chicago. He didn’t find work here for months, but found creativity. Cooley’s travels across the world as a male model has put him in many places, but he’s felt, thought, and believed Detroit is his best home. Cooley’s visions for his artistic, business, and social purpose have been inspired by Detroit. – A house party he had when he first moved here sparked a jam session of hip-hop emcees, jazz saxophonist, key players (on his Mother’s piano), and him on guitar. That moment has committed him to Detroit since.

In the interview we cover his love for Prince, family, and developing business with a social/ community/ and creative mission. Listen in and listen up to this episode of the Detroit is Different Podcast!

7 O’Clock Saturday Stories: Phillip Cooley

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Slows Bar B Q is one of the premiere restaurants in Detroit. People have traveled from across the world to experience the sauce, chicken & briskets, and bourbon selection. I personally cruise down 14th Street multiple times a year to get mine. This staple of Detroit culture was started by Phillip Cooley.

Phillip Cooley is a naturally creative thinker. We met at the Michigan Citizen Newspaper’s “Two Detroit’s: Gentrification” panel discussion in April of this year (2014). We were both panelists. I immediately asked him to be a guest for my podcast. Phillip gladly accepted. Saturday August 16th 2014 he will be my guest for 7 O’clock Saturday Stories. This is an interview recorded live.

Slow's Bar B Q, and Phillip Cooley at Two Detroit's
Slow’s Bar B Q, and Phillip Cooley at Two Detroit’s

7 o’clock Saturday Stories’ will be held at Le Petit Zinc restaurant in Detroit’s historic Corktown district at 1055 Trumbull St Detroit MI 48216. ‘7 o’clock Saturday Stories’ is a free event that starts at 7PM and welcomes guests of all ages.

Phillip Cooley’s Biography:
Phillip Cooley opened Slows Bar B Q and Slows To Go with various partners and is a general contractor with O’Connor Development. Because of Slows success, Cooley has been afforded the opportunity to help residents of Detroit in need. He works on projects ranging from helping others open small businesses, to designing and building public spaces like Ponyride. He is passionate about Detroit because he believes that it is a Democratic city where all are welcome to participate.

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