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John Cloud shares his dynamic family background and how now his hip-hop is healing

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John Cloud is an emcee that has witnessed and participated in the origins of Detroit Hip-hop. His time in Home Grown, performing across the nation and region, shaped his understanding of performance. Currently, he is crafting the ‘Black Cloud’ album with producer Joe Black. The project is recorded at the Detroit is Different incubator and captures the essence of late 90’s & 2000’s hip-hop with lyricism & musicality. John Cloud opens up about his past on this project. For his Detroit is Different feature, Cloud shares the story of his family in Alabama, his family from Baltimore, and healing from witnessed trauma as a child. Watching the murder of his father at the age of seven is explored within the interview and album. John Cloud’s story is interesting and certainly a glimpse into what makes Detroit Different!

Photography in the Lux Experience and Lux Collective with Brandi Young

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Brandi Young is the STEM student that added the A for STEAM. A Cass Tech graduate and proud Eastside Detroiter, her path to supported success began from parents instilling the values of hard work. Today Young leads the Lux Collection birthed from her work with Navy B Rae Photography. After graduating from Oakland University, she began work in project management in technology. Her artistic calling for photography brought her back to the hobby she loved as a child. Today her once hobby is a thriving business that has become an enterprise welcoming partners, clients, and a wealth of referrals. “We create an experience for you with no stress,” Brandi Young describes the Lux experience. Learn about the vision of the Luxe Collective experience. Get the opportunity to offer the customer service immersive approach for your business with the Luxe Collective. Check out the interview with Brandi Young and contact her directly on Instagram at @navybraephotography.

Make-up in the Lux Experience and Lux Collective with Shay Bailey

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Oakland University brought together a friendship circle that is now a business group. Lux Collection offers a unique glamour experience for clients seeking an inclusive photography experience to capture photography that expresses personality, character, and style. Shay Bailey adds the touch of makeup to the glamour experience matching clients’ personalities with her artistry. Bailey grew up embracing art and transitioned from canvas to faces and skin for her expression. Working years in corporate and freelance spaces, Bailey has captured some of Detroit’s most iconic figures, and her touch has been seen by you before. Learn about the vision of the Luxe Collective experience. Get the opportunity to offer the customer service immersive approach for your business with the Luxe Collective. Check out the interview with Shay Bailey and contact her directly on Instagram at @shaybbeautiful.

Healthy Stores in a Black Community DeShanda Edwards (Project Enhanced Fitness)

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Enhanced Fitness is more than a business name for DeShanda Edwards it’s a lifestyle. The lifelong Detroiter applied her passion for exercise and supplements and started a business. Today 2715 Puritan Ave Detroit MI 48238 Mon – Fri 10 am – 6 pm (9 am – 6 pm Sat) are the welcoming hours for your to experience Project-Enhanced Fitness. DeShanda offers a health solution in the heart of a Detroit community needing healthy options. Her journey residing throughout Detroit’s vast Westside as a child and eventually attending and graduating from Northwestern HS (my alma mater) provided her some insight into Detroit culture. After HS, she graduated from Northwood University with a dual degree in management and marketing, assisting in her current business growth. In this interview, learn about sea moss, vitamin D, Northwestern HS’s great teachers, and how to grow a business in a Black neighborhood.

Changing the Narrative Live Discussion with Jazz Legend Stanley Clarke and Mutual Aid leader Stephanie Rearick

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Detroit is Different supporter Kim Sherobbi invited me to co-host a discussion held at Marygrove College Sunday, July 24. Jazz icon Stanley Clarke performed and spoke in support of his son Frank for the How We Will Change conference hosted in Detroit this past weekend. I hosted this discussion with my podcast network partner in creativity Piper Carter. Stephanie Rearick also performed her interactive blend of folk music and spoke about her commitment to Mutual Aid work. The discussion was impactful. Talking points from Detroit Jazz great Ralphe Armstrong and founder of B More Radio Dennis Talbert are also shared.

Building Community Value and the work with Chase Cantrell

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Building Community Value is beyond conceptual for Chase Cantrell. The visionary leader of the organization has taken his talent and skill set and applied this ethic. The Building Community Value Detroit organization has been providing lessons in property development for Detroiters for years now. Chase’s journey as an Attorney in real estate law, U of M student in the Prop 2 fight, and Renaissance Phoneix all provide layers of knowledge and understanding. In this interview discover his work at Mr. Alan’s, his love for the Cooley HS neighborhood, and his vision for West 6 Mile rd. 

Family, Community, Farming and Black make up Erin Bevel

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From the East Coast to Metro Detroit was the journey for a young Erin Bevel. Today the Howard University professor and law school graduate is driven by family and towards Black Liberation. Black Farmers Land Fund, Detroit Black Food Security Network, and Mollywop are creative, cultural, and professional works for Erin, but family is first. In this interview, we explore her work in Washington DC inside the capital, and learn the inner workings of our government. Today Erin is an asset to Detroit’s Grassroots Black Community. 

Hasting’s Street and why this pivotal work is important to Gary Anderson and Detroit

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Hastings Street is a work that Plowshares Theater Company is in the best position to present. July 21 – 31 at Detroit’s Music Hall the company re-launches post-COVID-19 welcoming audiences to a very special show. The show captures the story of the center of Detroit’s historic Black Bottom community. The musical captures the essence of Jazz, song, Soul, and much more. In this Detroit is Different feature, Gary Anderson that is the Artistic Director of Plowshares Theater Company opens up about this show and much more. Learn about his journey to Detroit and Wayne State University’s theater program in the 1980s and Detroit 1980sbeing an eclectic center. Check out this feature on Gary Anderson and the work of bringing to live theater in Detroit for decades.

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