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Detroit is Fashion with Diamond Williams

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European designers visiting Eastern Market, personalized and custom bowties, jumpsuits on tour with Eminem, and exclusive clothing from Brazilian designers all keep Detroit’s Fashion Different. Do you know where you can meet designers that are planning Italian fabrics for Detroit fashion? Have you visited the store where you can buy the hoodies and jeans that the U of M football team is wearing that aren’t Jordan branded? Detroit is Fashion and Detroit is Different. Watch this video and find out where you can buy any and every style of clothing in Detroit.

Detroit is Fashion features Tony Stovall of Hot Sam’s Clothing Store, James Grady of DSE, Erin Wetzel of Orleans & Winder, and KoolAde of AYV Clothing.

Detroit is Different: the Fashion Maker Erin Wetzel

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Detroit is Different! As the culture of Detroit is reshaping and remodeling the Detroit look takes on new styles. Orleans and Winder is a fashion boutique located in the N’Namdi Art Plaza along with Seva Vegan Restaurant and Black is the new Black. Orleans and Winder is owned by Erin Wetzel. Her love for fashion, boutiques, and design led her to open Orleans and Winder. The styles of Italian, French, NYC, LA, and Detroit designers of high quality stich, cloth, and design is exclusive to Orleans and Winder.

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