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Paul Taylor the Community Organizer

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Paul Taylor is a founding member of the Inner City Sub Center and Detroit’s African Liberation Day Celebration. In this Interview he discusses African Liberation Day 2016. Also the history of African Liberation Day in Detroit and how it’s impacted the world. From the original organizing in 1969 till today at the Charles H Wright Museum of African American History. Paul Taylor shares how he’s helped keep a strong connection between Detroit and African centered life.

Steve Coy the Visual Artist

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Steve Coy is a visual artist and so much more. I originally met Steve in 2007 when I was a partner at the 1440 Music Space and my neighbors on Gratiot were Jocelyn Rainey (2015 Detroit is Different feature), Hollis Hollywood (upcoming Detroit is Different feature), and Steve Coy. Steve paints HUGE murals that you have seen if you travel through Detroit’s Eastern Market or the Dequindere Cut. The Art connected to the film ‘Detroitopia’ is a vision from Steve Coy. The corporate business people in golden gas masks is a social-political-artistic statement that speaks to Detroit/America. Steve’s work has taken him around the world and today in Detroit he’s a professor at Lawrence Tech University, partner in Wolf Moon Mixers, and a loving Father and Husband grounding his family here in Detroit. Check out the interview with Steve Coy.

Alaina & Ariahn the Mother & Daughter

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Alaina Fruge’ & her Daughter Ariahn Dawkins will be one of the newest members of the Detroit is Different Family. Ariahn is a 3-year-old Detroiter with the spirit, attitude, and smile of JOY! In this interview we speak with Alaina about balancing her life as a Radio One Producer and Mother. Also, Ariahn shares her appreciation for games, animals, and dance. Watch this engaging interview and meet Alaina & Ariahn.

jessica Care moore & King Moore the Poets

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Detroit Poetry has a legacy that is strong with icons like Gloria House and Dudley Randall. The history of Broadside Press is carried on through the tireless and phenomenal work of jessica Care moore. The creator of Black Women Rock, Moore Black Press, and Internationally known spoken word artist is also King’s Mother. King is her son that has authored his first book of poems ‘A Piece of a Poem.’ King is a 9 year old Detroiter with poetry covering topics as vast as Police Brutality, Family, and Nature. I feature my friend and mentor jessica Care moore and my little homie King.

Tina Castleberry the Gardener

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Tina Castleberry is the owner of the Garden Bug located in Detroit’s historic Rosedale Park neighborhood. Tina Castleberry is also an urban gardener providing services for over 30 clients gardens/ farms. After years of work in retirement with the support of her husband, son, and daughter Tina struck out into business. The Garden Bug provides gardening solutions inside the heart of Detroit. Check out this interview and see where you can begin your garden in Detroit. The Garden Bug specializes in flowers, vegetables, and lawn care.

Sylvia Hubbard the Independent Publisher

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Sylvia Hubbard is the founder of Michigan Literary Network and author of over 35 novels and an independent publisher. Hubbard began her journey as an independent publisher leaving a marriage and raising her three adolescent children. Her story of entrepreneurship and success is remarkable. Watch this interview as she shares how she started and keeps developing in business, romance, suspense, and mystery novels.

Sheefy McFly the Rapper

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Sheefy McFLy is a rap artist using music as a medium for expression. Formally trained and recognized as a talented visual artist Tasheef Turner is taking hip-hop into new arenas. Sheefy’s rock star style and punk rock esque show stand out in a loud era of hip-hop acts. His visual art matches his style in music production … bold, colorful, and hip-hop. On stage Sheefy’s show is full of the energy reminiscent of mid 80’s era hip-hop. Check out the Detroit is Different interview with Sheefy McFly.

Josh Adams the Comedian

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Josh Adams is a comedian. Detroit comedians have impacted the world for generations. The amount of stages here to perform on is something I look to change and Josh Adams is a reason why. For 10 years his voice as a comedian has grown getting more and more national attention. Josh recently released his first comedy ‘Josh Adams Live at the Drop’ album now available of Amazon, i-Tunes, and Pandora. Also Josh stars and co-wrote the web series ‘Dead Wrong’ based upon a zombie apocalypse in Detroit. Check out the Detroit is Different interview with Josh Adams.

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