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What if … Paradise Valley were still in Detroit

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Through the 1930’s and 50’s Detroit’s most active cultural district was Black Bottom’s Paradise Valley. Detroit’s Black Bottom was a bustling district full of restaurants, businesses, mix of migrants/ immigrants, and music. Duke Ellington, Pearl Bailey, Count Basie, Dinah Washington and a host of other premiere performed in Paradise Valley.
As Urban renewal struck Detroit in the 1950’s, Paradise Valley was demolished. Freeways were built in place of Detroit’s cultural gem.

Today I share Thornetta Davis’s take on: What if … Paradise Valley were still in Detroit.
Thornetta Davis is Detroit’s Blues Diva. I met her and her husband, (percussionist James Cornelius Anderson) for lunch last month at Cass Café. Cass Café resides in Detroit’s establishing Midtown district. Midtown is anchored by Wayne State University. A mix of coffee shops, restaurants, and boutique are currently flourishing the streets of Cass, Second and Third Ave. Music is missing! “It was so good to see you out at the Hop Cat for my show. I hope that it can stay open. Detroit needs places for music,” Thornetta.

Traveling America provides Detroiters the rare opportunity to witness how tourism. All destinations where tourism is prevalent, music is essential. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami, and Chicago feature musical performance, performers, and venues. The wealth of musical genius throughout Detroit is unparalleled. Detroit venues featuring Detroit music are few and far between. If Paradise Valley were still here, that would be completely different.

3-17-2015 multi
Duke Ellington, Joe Louis, and Dinah Washington


Thornetta Davis’ Paradise Valley

“I love colors so I see a mix of it throughout Paradise Valley,” Davis. Reds, Blues, Greens, and other colors would fill window seals welcoming in guests. “Detroit is so divided. Races, ages, and most groups stay to their own. I know music could, and would bring everyone together. I see Paradise Valley being a place like that. I imagine it being like the Blues scene in Chicago,” Davis. Music as a main attraction would welcome Metro Detroit into Paradise Valley to hear what Detroit makes best … MUSIC!

Bourbon Street in New Orleans would be blown out the water by Paradise Valley’s Hastings and St. Antoine. The history is full of the storied performances from Big Mama Thornton, Joe Louis partying nights away, and Sarah Vaughn singing in clubs at dark and church in the day. Recognizing the past, while providing a stage for the present would be the role Paradise Valley would play for Detroit music.

“St Andrews Hall/ the Shelter play Alternative Rock and Hip-hop. Cliff Bells and the Dirty Dog do Jazz. Bert’s Warehouse has Blues. If Paradise Valley were here it would be a place for all music. I see Reggae clubs, next to Blues bars, next to Rock halls, and Hip-hop clubs too. All these places would feature live music. National acts would visit, but Detroit acts would be given the same billing, pay, and support,” Davis. “It’s so much talent in Detroit amongst players. I think the music industry would stay in Paradise Valley to keep a list of artists ready for tours,” Davis.

Thornetta’s role in Paradise Valley would be her owning, operating, and performing at “Thornetta’s.” “It’s always
been a dream of mine to run a Blues bar. BB King and Buddy Guy have places in Chicago. So I know I’d have one in Paradise Valley,” Davis.

Davis described ‘Thornetta’s’ as a Blues bar built on live music. A collection of acts from across Detroit, and the nation would bring their bands and shows. “I would want to have featured shows Vegas style for Blues. I’d give all acts the opportunity to create, and give a unique show. I wouldn’t give a standard set, and nobody else would either,” Davis. ‘Thornetta’s’ would feature a mix of healthy Soul food. The specialty would be turkey delicacies. All the food would be complimented by a full bar with a ‘Thornetta Davis Daiquiri’ full of color, fruit, and flavor.

That’s what would happen if Paradise Valley were still here in Detroit today!

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