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Use to Be

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Use to Be



Song Performed by Khary WAE Frazier Music Played, Composed, Arranged and Produced by Joey Spina Lyrics by Khary WAE Frazier Song featured on the Notes of an Artist/ Activist I Album 2008 PRESS PLAY and HEAR THE MUSIC!

Yea yea check it

I’m sick of hearing things ain’t how they use to be
I’m sick of hearing things ain’t how they use to be
I’m sick of hearing things ain’t how they use to be
Values alive in my people still alive in me

Verse One
I grew up man a whole lot different than most
Father lived for his family brother just lived to smoke
Before that, yo, he lived his life for the Panthers
Mama was my teacher (and) Granny fought off cancer
Just being a kid seeing how real life is
My hero full head of hair all came from a wig
Growing up wasn’t like BIG
Tom Hanks had a genie I saw people live
My Grandfathers … both was hustlers
One who stole cars … other one ran numbers
My Great Uncle knew Kwame Nkumrah
Same blood in my veins Ivory Coast first tutor
My Great Grandfather was a preacher
One of Selma Alabama’s first Black teachers
So I’m failing on my people if I’m not a leader
My Grandmother wrote Mary McCleod Bethune speeches
So I strive for achievement
Despite what they said keep on leading
Keep on leading
Keep on teaching

Verse Two
I got the spirit
I got the soul
I got the heart of a rebel
And I’m fighting off the devil
Anybody come to me ain’t getting on my level
It’s like … it’s like
I got the heart, the mind, the spirit and the soul
And I’m losing control
Just like
uh Yea

I got the blood in my veins of a soldier and a king
Can’t step to me talking them things
Blood of a King in my veins



WAE Break-Back 5 8 2014

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