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The Twisted Shamrock

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In 2005 Jim Monahan opened the Twisted Shamrock in Ferndale MI. The Twisted Shamrock is a store that specializes in Celtic wears, goods, and items. I think it’s one of the coolest stores in Metro Detroit.

In 2006 I worked at Harmony House in Berkeley MI (my favorite job ever, because it was working at a record store). Working at Harmony House one of our constant customers would always visit wearing these hats I felt were too cool. I asked him where he bought the hat? He told me the Twisted Shamrock in Ferndale MI.

Celtic Caps, Twisted Shamrock owner Jim Monahan, Celtic Art
Celtic Caps, Twisted Shamrock owner Jim Monahan, Celtic Art

Since then I’ve bought five of the caps myself. The Celtic (driving/ walking) cap comes in a mix of styles. The wool caps are generally worn in the winter. The linen caps are often worn in the summer. The patch caps have a mix of patches that are exclusively of their own. All the caps are hand stitched, and individually made (so when you buy one, you’re the only person that one). For years my favorite hat is the black and grey cap from the Twisted Shamrock. This has been the center piece of my fashion for years.

The Twisted Shamrock also carries a mix of jewelry, figurines, scarves, and art. What’s special about the store to me is Jim’s understanding of Celtic history. This week visiting the store he shared the history of crests, names, and Corktown’s impact on Metro Detroit. Jim’s background in the corporate world prepared him to open the Twisted Shamrock with a modern business acumen applied to a family business. His travels throughout the US always peaked his interest in Irish stores. Cities like Boston MA, Chicago IL, and New York City NY have a number of Celtic stores. Recognizing the Irish presence in the Metro Detroit area he saw the value in the Twisted Shamrock.

Celtic Caps, Me and Lola Damone at Dwele's Birthday Party years back & I'm sporting my Celtic cap, Celtic sweaters
Celtic Caps, Me and Lola Damone at Dwele’s Birthday Party years back & I’m sporting my Celtic cap, Celtic sweaters

Click the following link to visit the store online: Twisted Shamrock. I believe it’s one of the many international gems Detroit has to offer. If you visit the Twisted Shamrock I also suggest asking Jim about any item you’re interested in. I’m sure he will share insight into whatever you plan on buying.

The Twisted Shamrock is located at 276 W 9 Mile Rd Ferndale MI. Open Tuesday – Thursday 11am – 7pm; Friday 11am – 9pm; Saturday 10am – 6pm and Sunday Noon – 5pm

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