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The Entrepreneur: Introduction to Todd Russell Perkins

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The story, ambition, and wit of people like Todd Russell Perkins inspire me to continue to develop Detroit is Different. Perkins is an Ivy League graduate of Dartmouth College, Leader of Perkin’s Law Group, and an attorney for the World’s best boxer, Floyd Mayweather. But if you speak with attorney Perkins, he will gladly share with you, he’s most proud of being a second generation Detroit entrepreneur.

Attorney Perkins has a different style and approach towards life that carries over into his practice. Gathering an understanding of who he represents, and what they’re looking for in representation is his goal. Many attorneys, doctors, politicians, engineers, and other professionals (with advanced understandings) disassociate themselves from the people who they seek to assist. Attorney Perkins is entrenched in Detroit life, and understanding Detroiters.

His poignant style of humor, compassion, and cool, provide a personable balance for his unmatched intellect. Leading Perkins Law Group he anchors a team of eight attorneys all specializing in different disciplines of law.  “The experience I’ve had in law has taught me about the human condition,” Perkins. “It has made me more circumspective, more rounded, more of a whole individual.” Espousing his philosophy about his practice, he says, he tries to determine exactly what the client wants, be it to fight in court or resolve a situation out of court. What the client wants, tempered with reasonable and possible expectations, is critical in the ultimate service of the client.

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“My purpose is to increase my understanding of the client. My dad, who was not a lawyer, gave me a piece of advice that was better than any lawyer could have given me. He said the practice of law is always about the management of the expectations of your clients.” He said, for example, if a client wants a million dollars for a slip-and-fall, “my job is to get their information and educate them on the reality of the situation.”

“They have to trust their lawyer,’ he said. “But it is equally important for the lawyer to earn trust of the client.” Perkins is married and has 2 children. When talking about inspirations in his life, Perkins says, “First God, is the center of my life.” He also points to his parents. “My parents showed so much love for my family, I seek to walk that path with mine,” Perkins.

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