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Khary WAE Frazier

Khary WAE Frazier’s 2016 Detroit Music Awards Nomination

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I’d (Khary WAE Frazier) like to thank everyone for their support and love of what I’m building in business and creativity. That’s why I’m humbled to announce I’ve been nominated for a 2016 Detroit Music Award for Rap composer. I’ve always connected with the rhythm of rap but the lyrics have had the largest impact on my life. I’m glad there are people that appreciate the effort I put into my lyricism.

I began with little or no direction performing and writing rap music. Later I wrote and performed music that had a comedic or ironic voice. This transitioned into the social/economic scope that has led to the fulfilled vision where I stand as a hip-hop lyricist today.

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I’m still in awe that anyone listens to my music, and furthermore, actually pays attention to it. So to be recognized as a rap lyricist alongside Seven the General and Volcano is amazing. The Detroit Music Awards are April 29, 2016, and I welcome any of you to vote online at or come out and attend.

If you have not listened to my album, would like to read my lyrics, or see my show please get in contact with me at 2016 will certainly bring new opportunities to have access to my music. I’m going to be shooting videos for my songs “It’s So Fresh” and “Old School Chevy”.  Also, I’m recording new music produced by Sterling Toles, Drummer B, Alex White, and Nick Speed.

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My next show is my first show of 2016 and there are still many tickets available. Join me Sunday April 3, 2016 at 6pm at Tony V’s Tavern, located at 5756 Cass Ave Detroit MI. Motown Message: a Revolution in Song in the concert. I will be performing a mix of classic Motown revolutionary songs with a hip-hop swing: “Ball of Confusion”, “Inner City Blues”, and “Living for the City”. I will be joined by Joe “Pep” Harris, lead singer from the Undisputed Truth that made the 1971 #1 Hit “Smiling Faces”.

My Motown is Revolutionary!

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As a native Detroiter, the Motown sound was one of the first things I absorbed from Detroit. My mother is another born and raised Detroit resident, who graduated Central High School in the 1960s. The Motown sound of the mid 1960s the soundtrack to her youth. So it was common for her to play Motown records as she cleaned the house, and I played with my toys during my adolescent years.

The Temptations stood out to me as a child. The mix of the five part harmony and pitch in Eddie Kendricks’ voice caught my ear, and the song “Papa was a Rolling Stone” had a texture, tone, and pace that felt different than anything I had ever heard.

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Fast forward to my teenage years, I began to collect music for instrument, rhythm, and harmony samples to use in my own hip-hop. In my pursuit of sound the production of Norman Whitfield stood out as the most engaging, charismatic, and creative collection of Motown music. Whitfield’s vision of layering vocals, horns, and leading music through a rhythm section was dynamic, and is unparalleled to this day. So in 1999, 2000, and 2001, as I walked lock step with popular and local rap acts like the Almighty Dreadnaughtz, DMX, Rock Bottom, and Jay-Z, my inherited 1989 Buick Century played just as much Undisputed Truth, Temptations (with Dennis Edwards), and Eddie Kendricks.

Norman Whitfield’s presence at Motown challenged the intentions of Berry Gordy, who sought to create an uncomplicated sound for America’s youth. Whitfield pushed forward to infuse the psychedelic vibe and revolutionary grit that was becoming more and more recognized by young America. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led protests, demonstrations, and rallies, masses of college & high school students joined him. These students loved to dance to Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, but with acts like Sly and the Family Stone entering the national scope, a need to shift the Motown sound was recognized. Norman Whitfield led the transition of the Motown sound with Marvin Gaye. The look of choreographed singers in matching suits transitioned to afros, dashikis, and medallions. This transformation, which made Berry Gordy apprehensive, was most prevalent in Marvin Gaye’s masterpiece What’s Going On.

As a child when my Mother played What’s Going On, I was too young to follow the social commentary in the music, but now, having grown up and made music of my own, “What’s Happening Brother”, “Inner City Blues”, and “Mercy, Mercy, Me” are quintessential examples of having a presence of mind to resonate with all people. Motown is Revolutionary.

So, in recognition of the Motown sound I love the most, I honor this tradition Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 6PM at Tony V’s Tavern, 5756 Cass Ave Detroit, MI. I will be joined by Joe “Pep” Harris, lead singer for The Undisputed Truth. The Undisputed Truth made the 1971 #1 single “Smiling Faces”, produced by Norman Whitfield. I will be blending my brand of Hip-hop with the Soul of the city to perform Motown Message: A Revolution in Song.

All Eyez on Me 20 Years Later

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February 13, 1996 Tupac Shakur released the double album ‘All Eyez on Me.’ It was his 1st release on Death Row records. After his release from prison in 1995 he recorded the album in 1 month. This is a look back at the music, time, and message of ‘All Eyez on Me.’ Featuring interviews from David Alexander Bullock, Khary WAE Frazier, Yuser Bunchy Shakur, Supa Emcee, and Sterling Toles.

If Detroit were Heaven Album

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In the fall of 2010 I began working on the ‘If Detroit were Heaven’ album. It started from my writing of the ‘If Detroit were Heaven’ song. I wanted to make a song edifying the Black history, culture, and classic destinations throughout Detroit. I used this song to provide balance for my ‘Teddy Bears tied up to Trees’ song from my inaugural ‘Preaching to the Choir’ album.


A collective commitment of talented artists, long conversations, and hard work produced ‘If Detroit were Heaven.’ It’s my best and most complete work as an artist. The album explores a series of subject matter centered around my belief in self, Detroit, and philosophy. The music is a gumbo of sound accented with impressions of Hip-hop, Jazz, Electronic, and Soul rhythms. Producers Ian Sherman and Engineer Lumumba Reynolds truly brought to life a dynamic work of art. Including the amazing album cover by my friend, producer, and an inspiration for the album, Sterling Toles.

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If Detroit were Heaven by Khary WAE Frazier
Album Credits Copyright All Rights reserved to General Population Music 2015

01. Listen to Cognition
Performed Khary WAE Frazier & DJ Drummer B; Written by K. Frazier
Produced by Ian Sherman; Mixed & Mastered by Lumumba Reynolds

02. This is it (What)
Performed Khary WAE Frazier; Written by K. Frazier
Produced by Joe Black & Ian Sherman; Mixed & Mastered by Lumumba Reynolds

03. If Detroit were Heaven
Performed Khary WAE Frazier; Written by K. Frazier
Produced by Joe Black & Ian Sherman; Mixed & Mastered by Lumumba Reynolds


04. It’s So Fresh 
Performed Khary WAE Frazier & Ashley Nicole; Written by K. Frazier
Produced by Ian Sherman; Mixed & Mastered by Lumumba Reynolds


05. Been Hustlin’
Performed Khary WAE Frazier & Ashley Nicole; Guitar by Eric Campbell; Written by K. Frazier
Produced by Sterling Toles; Mixed & Mastered by Lumumba Reynolds

06. Hot Summer Nights
Performed Khary WAE Frazier & Stephanie Thornton; Written by K. Frazier
Produced by DJ Drummer B; Mixed & Mastered by Lumumba Reynolds

If Detroit were Heaven 2015 album release by Khary WAE Frazier
If Detroit were Heaven 2015 album release by Khary WAE Frazier

07. Round & Around
Performed Khary WAE Frazier & Lola Damone; Written by K. Frazier
Produced by Ian Sherman; Mixed & Mastered by Lumumba Reynolds

08. Music Thinking
Performed Khary WAE Frazier & Lola Damone; Written by K. Frazier & F. Shabazz
Produced by Ian Sherman; Mixed & Mastered by Lumumba Reynolds

09. Ms America
Performed Khary WAE Frazier; Written by K. Frazier
Produced by Ian Sherman; Mixed & Mastered by Lumumba Reynolds

10. I’m My Own Police
Performed Khary WAE Frazier; Guitar by Eric Campbell; Written by K. Frazier
Produced by Sterling Toles; Mixed & Mastered by Lumumba Reynolds

11. Snowflakes Shine
Performed Khary WAE Frazier & PEACE; Written by K. Frazier
Produced by Ian Sherman; Mixed & Mastered by Lumumba Reynolds

12. Wish You the Best
Performed Khary WAE Frazier; Written by K. Frazier
Produced by Ian Sherman; Mixed & Mastered by Lumumba Reynolds

Detroit is Different Podcast: Todd Russell Perkins

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Todd Russell Perkins shared a humbling amount of knowledge and commitment. The entrepreneur opened up about his interest in business and start of his now leading Perkins Law Group. The podcast interview was part of the 1st Friday event hosted by Perkins Law Group highlighting Black businesses throughout Detroit. An active engaged audience asked about law, his views on the current Police brutality headlines, and reparations. The insight and drive of Attorney Perkins is evident and amazing.

Homemade Music Jazz & Hip-hop: If Detroit were Heaven Album Release Concert

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By Morgan Coby

“Detroit is a place for most, to me it’s a verb. I Detroit with my music.”—Khary WAE Frazier.

The Hip-hop artist and community advocate has lived in, worked in, performed for and in honor of Detroit for over 16 years. Saturday June 27, 2015 9PM-12AM at the Jam Handy, Khary WAE Frazier will be presenting Homemade Music: The If Detroit Were Heaven Album Release Concert. Since 2011, the vision of “Detroit Heaven” was created in the shadows of the negative, tragic, and painful imagery. The tasteless depictions of Detroit, Hip-hop, and young Black men inspired Frazier to make the album “If Detroit Were Heaven.”

Frazier is a hip-hop artist carrying a mantle of the creativity & vision of his passed friends & mentors: Civil Right’s Attorney Chokwe Lumumba, Focus :HOPE founder Eleanor Josaitis, Judge Claudia Morcom, and the Songstress Ortheia Barnes, while balancing the lessons of Detroit-based rap from passed icons MC Breed, Proof, J Dilla and Blade Icewood who all served as cultural & personal inspirations for Frazier.

5-25-2015 multi
Alex White & Khary WAE Frazier rehearsing for the June 27 performance. Photo’s by Zenobia Jeffries above photo by Mark Mastropietro

The If Detroit Were Heaven album release performance will highlight several songs from the album. Drummer Alex White (currently touring with Jazz legend James Carter) is the composer for this musical potluck of Jazz, Hip-hop, Soul, and Latin sound. The album captures the eclectic mix of energy, passion, and emotions Detroiters express about neighborhoods, people, places, and events that have impacted the city. Frazier’s lyrics take listeners on journeys through his days at Northwestern HS, to the beauty of a family embracing a neighborhood, and the tragedy of racial misunderstanding that has restrained Detroit historically.

The concert takes place at the Jam Handy multipurpose artistic space run by new Detroiter Simeon Heyer. Located blocks away from Motown Record’s Hitsville USA, the Jam Handy sits at 2900 E. Grand BLVD Detroit MI, 48202. The reconditioned production studio serves as a connected vision that speaks to finding the ‘Heaven’ in Detroit.

Collaborating for this event are: Slow’s Bar B Q to Go, Spectacles Boutique, Our/Detroit Vodka, and Urban Organic. All four entities are adding to the rich culture anchoring the vision of Frazier’s website There, you will find people and places that make the culture of Detroit universally distinct. For tickets, more information, and to hear the music, please visit

Detroit is Different Podcast: Yusef ‘Bunchy’ Shakur

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Saturday February 21, 2015 Detroit is Different collaborated with Author and Freedom Fight Yusef ‘Bunchy’ Shakur to deliver a dynamic event. Yusef delivered a speech, and artists delivered performance. Detroit is Different’s February feature Yusef Shakur was the guest for the ‘7 O’Clock Saturday Stories’ live podcasting. For the evening Yusef delivered his ‘State of Black Detroit Address.’ Yusef’s address was anchored by performances from poet Raina Baker, spoken word artist KULTURE Ivory, hip-hop artist G Mac, guitarist Jabari Reynolds, and myself.

Detroit is Different Podcast Interview with Yusef ‘Bunchy’ Shakur

Yusef ‘Bunchy’ Shakur’s 2015 State of Black Detroit Address

This all took place at Nandi’s Knowledge Café in Highland Park. An audience of approximately 50 guests attended this event. I opened a dialogue between Yusef and guests seeking to gather his perspective on the current status of Detroit. This is a rich experience, event, and interview. I hope you appreciate the content. Click Play below to listen to the ‘Detroit is Different Podcast Interview’ and/or ‘State of Black Detroit Address.’

2-24-2015 Multi A
KULTURE & Raina Baker, Yusef ‘Bunchy’ Shakur, Guests at Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe for the State of Black Detroit & Detroit is Different Music and Podcasting LIVE

*** ATTENTION: I’m conducting a survey to gather information about events I’m presenting. This information will assist in delivering better cultural experiences I seek to associate with ‘Detroit is Different.’ Please take a moment of your time to fill out the following survey. Thank you ***

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2014 & Beyond (Next Update February 2015)

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I was born December 23, 1982 (Thanks Ma!), and last year was one of the best of my life. The Detroit is Different website and podcast inspired me. Creatively, entrepreneurially, and socially Detroit is Different has helped me find a purpose. Your support in building Detroit is Different has encouraged me to plan more, dream bigger, be confident in the success I have, and the success I seek. Thank you so much.

In February Detroit is Different will launch for 2015!

In 2014 I built and developed bonds with a host of many dynamic people. I’ll be reaching out to many of you to personally thank and share my 2015 plans. I’m open, ready, and prepared to collaborate with all who seek to incubate creativity.

Artistically 2015 will be the better! I will release my third studio album “If Detroit were Heaven” in the Spring. This is my best work as a hip-hop artist. The ‘If Detroit were Heaven’ album will encompass a 5 year marketing plan. The marketing plan will include music, lectures, photography, and video. My partnership with DJ Handsome Sam and Jason Laser will carry on with the now quarterly Jazz and Hip-hop Mind Fusion Concert Series at the Jam Handy.

In business I welcome all services, products, and entities looking for new ways to communicate to people about your business to work with my marketing firm, Creative Differences. In 2014 I launched my marketing firm Creative Differences. Thus far I’ve been humbled to work with a host of clients. Thus I am eager to deliver a standard of service that sparks the imagination of all business people.

2015 Event Calendar … the Music … the Talk … the Experience

(all dates are subject to change)

Wednesday February 11, 2015 @ U of M Ann Arbor If Detroit were Heaven Presentation
Friday February 13, 2015 @ WSU Detroit is Different What If?

Saturday March 28, 2015 @ Jam Handy Mind Fusion Jazz & Hip-hop Concert Series 

Saturday April 25, 2015 @ Detroit is Different Podcast

Saturday May 23, 2015 @ Detroit is Different Podcast

Saturday June 20, 2015 @ Jam Handy Mind Fusion Jazz & Hip-hop Concert Series:
‘If Detroit were Heaven’ Official Album Release

Saturday July 25, 2015 @ Detroit is Different Podcast

Sunday August 9 – Sunday August 16 Cleveland OH, Pittsburgh PA, and New York NY ‘If Detroit were Heaven’ Album Release

Friday September 11 – Sunday September 13 2015 Chicago IL
‘If Detroit were Heaven’ Album Release

Saturday September 26, 2015 @ Jam Handy Mind Fusion Jazz & Hip-hop Concert Series

Saturday October 24, 2015 @ Detroit is Different Podcast

Thursday November 26, 2015 @ Jam Handy Mind Fusion Jazz & Hip-hop Concert Series

Saturday December 19 – Wednesday December 23 Los Angeles CA & Oakland CA
‘If Detroit were Heaven’ Album Release

Thursday December 31, 2015 @ CHWMAAH Black Free Lance Conference

Thursday December 31, 2015 @ CHWMAAH Kuumba (Creativity) Kwanzaa Celebration

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