Space Bouncing and People Moving

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Leonard ‘Drummer B’ Ware is one of the most introspective people you’ll have a chance to meet. In his home blocks between Detroit’s Boston Edison district and Detroit Central HS resides the tapestry of the city. Drummer drinks up the diversity of it all using music for expression.

Leonard began playing the trumpet at Edmonson Academy. From the trumpet he soon took to drum programming, sampling, and music production using the MPC 2000 and Triton. Ware’s from a strong legacy in music, his uncle’s the late Allan Barnes that played with jazz anchors the Blackbyrds. Drummer’s approach to music has always had the improv elements, and essence of jazz.

Drummer just released the ‘People Mover’ project independently through his label Soul Tocuh Records. ‘People Mover’ is a collective of hip-hop styles featuring Detroit Che, J Kidd (of the Woff Pac), Sheefy McFlyy, Crack Killz da God, Stretch Money, Dopehead, and others. ‘People Mover’ is available for download through bandcamp today on the Drummer B account. The music is Drummer’s take on soul, hip-hop, jazz, and house music. This project is a precursor to the ‘Space Bounce’ vinyl that will be released later in the Fall of 2016. ‘Space Bounce’ is Drummer’s blend of house, ghetto tech, and electronic dance music.

Leonard remembers the times he began producing hip-hop for Proof RIP, Baatin (of Slum Village) RIP, Danny Brown, and others. But it all began for Ware when he started sampling music that was played, shared, and talked up through his closest of friends throughout Cass Corridor. “I remember taping over my Mom’s gospel tapes. Passing it (the music) out to my friends, and then they passed it out to their friends. I had a lot of love then, and today from my hood. This led me to keep going” Drummer B.

Join the journey as Drummer keeps going and download your copy of ‘People Mover’ today.