Science of Ghetto Tech

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Techno music was birthed in Metro-Detroit from the Belleville Three of Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson (Derrick May is one of closest music mentors, LOVE D!). The development of the sound has grown through Underground Resistance & Mike Banks, and my neighborhood’s own Carl Craig, and many more. As the music shaped and molded, Detroit also birthed Ghetto Tech. Ghetto Tech led with 808 Kicks, heavy bass, and chorus style verses have moved parties in Detroit forever. DJ Assault, DK Kent, and more have classics that are staples of any Detroit party. Today hip-hop producers Drummer B and Nick Speed carry on the legacy of Ghetto Tech. The Science of Ghetto Tech is a feature about how Drummer B and Nick Speed make Ghetto Tech, why they make Ghetto Tech, and what’s next for the music.