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RUNning Rebel (Acoustic) featuring Joey Spina

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Khary WAE Frazier featuring Joey Spina. The gumbo of Blues & Hip-hop represented well on this record officially featured on the ‘Preaching to the Choir’ 20008 release by Frazier. This was previously unreleased and a special feature for you!

Running Rebel Lyrics:

The Rebels are running and coming and coming
The rebels are running and coming
I’m a Rebel

Verse One

By any means necessary so my mind military
As I carry out the visions of the visionary
To the cemetery/ and it vary how I carry what I carry
Got weapons from the streets and weapons from the library
So it’s no telling what’s up in my mind
And it’s no telling what’s off on my side
Reparations ain’t nothing but a riot away
a moltov cocktail in the president’s face
Burn the Whitehouse down for Katrina’s sake
Take some land for ourselves the American way
They not red in the face they red in neck
A savage respect when he faced with his death
Fuck a ballot initiative you see what we living in
Nigguz ain’t got nothing and we ain’t getting shit
But I got a plan for the Brooks Brothers gentleman
For today’s slave master a Nat Turner of this millennium
Pitch forks and hoes now gats and Girbauds
Timberlands and shanks that’s razors to the throats
Living out the actions of Huey Newton quotes
Fueled by the fire of what Chuck D spoke
My peoples army study Marcus Garvey, Nikki Giovanni,
Peter Tosh, and Bob Marley, Muhammed Ali
Cause the teachings of the system doing nothing for me
Revolution on the institution what we need
Verse Two
I have an American Dream but reality ghetto
Public school education got me stuck in the middle
No money no job no food no hospital
Its like no way out opportunity ain’t a little
And it’s so hard for us to survive
Cancer diabetes and Black on Black crime
And the HIV got us dropping like flies
This is the way that we live out our lives
The constitution need some resolutions
Started by the revolution
I’ll do it I’ll prove it If I have to start the movement
We’ll sit down and talk it out or we’ll keep fighting through it
Black power on them bitch ass cowards to turn em’ sour
Take it up with anybody if they got a fucking problem
Whether cop or civilian it may take a million
But the rebels with me rebels and they rebels that’s killing

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