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Detroit is Different Podcast with Dr Robert Bland

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Dr Robert Bland is one of the few people I’ve met that truly believes in the transformational strength of education. Following the Detroit is Different September 2014 theme of Education I couldn’t think of a better podcast guest to interview. His belief in the way knowledge can empower a person, family, and people are evident.

Dr Bland opens up about his story. Honoring first & foremost his mother as his master teacher, Dr Bland shares how reading, schooling, and working were always a part of his life. From his family Dr Bland developed a greater understanding of faith and Black history. This led to his commitment to love and share knowledge with others. Today Dr Bland stands on a foremost historian on the grim reality of America’s Middle Passage (the tragic kidnapping, capture, and enslavement of African peoples into Latin & North America).

I truly enjoyed hosting this interview. Dr Bland has been an inspiration for my life. His commitment and consistency towards his visions in life to become reality are monumental. I hope you can find the value in his message.

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