David Humphries the founder of Hair Wars

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David Humphries is the founder of Hair Wars. Hair Wars is the premiere Hair Entertainment franchise started in Detroit in the early 1980’s and today stands as a name and brand that’s traveled nationally and recognized internationally. David Humphries aka Hump the Grinder concept for Hair Wars began as a DJ and party promoter tying different themes to different nights and Hair entertainment stuck. In this interview Hump shares the stories of his experience on the classic Hip-hop Tour ‘the Fresh Fest,’ taking Hair Wars across the country, and this weekend’s Hair Wars show. Sunday April 17, 2016 attend Hair Wars 2016 Detroit at Ford Community Arts Center doors open at 5PM and tickets are available online at the website hairwarsustour.com. Check out the Detroit is Different interview with Hump the Grinder. Click here to visit the Hair Wars website.