IT in the D episode 142 X-File Smoker

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When you start the show with William B. Davis (aka Cigarette Smoking Man) of the The X-Files, you know it’s going to be a great night. We continued with Open Systems Technologies, Inc., Local Apparel USA, practical effects and make up professional Daniel Phillips and model / welder Alloy Ash from the upcoming Motor City Comic Con. We also talked through the weekend’s mayhem at Penguicon 2016, our glorious victory at getting people drinking and having fun, this Thursday’s Metro Detroit Podcaster Meetup, and all sorts of other topics for episode 142 of the IT in The D show live from the Podcast Detroit studio. Give it a listen folks, it was one HELL of an episode! Special thanks to CKC agency for helping us with guest coordination…and stay tuned for even more next week!