Chad Dickinson and I’m Here

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19350 is one of the most interesting and historically valuable properties in Detroit. The old Hunter’s Supper Club development, which spans three addresses. It consists of two wooden structures, one of which used to be a residence, and another building which has a beautiful timber framed roof. When local people speak of this property, this is the building they are speaking about, with it’s large fireplace, and vaulted wood ceilings; it’s a neighborhood gem. Chad Dickinson and the I’m Here Team aims to turn this property into an asset for all businesses located on site by making it available in limited capacity for community events, weddings, concerts, etc. In the small house, which is located at the front of the property on Livernois, I’m Here will develop retail. Currently I’m Here is to renovating the house to sell home goods, as well as offer design services, workshops, and limited work space; all in a market-type setting.