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Song Performed by Motel Connection featuring Khary WAE Frazier
Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by  DJ Pisti of Motel Connection
Lyrics by Khary WAE Frazier
Song featured on Motel Connection’s ‘Vivace’ album 2013
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Sounds make up the music . . .The music is the songs . . .
And the song … the songs is lifestyle, what we do and who we are . . .
and for me . . . it is Life . . . the style and way it’s right


Know-that-the rhythm-and-soul-is-for-mostly
Know-that-the rhythm-and-soul-is-for-mostly
Go with the flow
As it rolls
Through the mold
Don’t oppose
The unknown
Cause its worth all the gold
As our compass will show
We’re in motion for more
Through the beats and the notes
This the freedom of soul

When you listen – you can hear the reasons believing
Everything you heard has a meaning for keeping
Silence in the pocket and pieces with speeches
this a platform to reach them and teach them
// so I got to speak on it,  and Be on it
Take a stance and never leave on it
With melody and a message
Through the head knod hope you can get the essence
In the key of life songs as a reference
Mind on my money, hearts in my efforts
// . . .As I do it like this
You may wanna dance as words see fit
Kind of different, . . .different what I spit
This is a canvas for a brush with big
Death, Life, Love, and is
Speaking on now rights wrongs I did

Man I’m known for the truth
In these words . . . I can speak what I do
So my crew keep it loose
Ties worldwide on the block like you
And I don’t think nothing of it
A blessed man humble a lost one becoming
Fools have eyes bigger than their stomach
Gotta control what does and doesn’t
. . .Dimes come dozens
wanna change up what was that wasn’t
. . .(Now) Ain’t that something
I live in the now cause reality is constant
. . .As the world keep spinning
Misunderstandings make us seem different
. . .As the fears draw distance
Why I see myself and in a world that isn’t


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Use to Be

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Use to Be



Song Performed by Khary WAE Frazier Music Played, Composed, Arranged and Produced by Joey Spina Lyrics by Khary WAE Frazier Song featured on the Notes of an Artist/ Activist I Album 2008 PRESS PLAY and HEAR THE MUSIC!

Yea yea check it

I’m sick of hearing things ain’t how they use to be
I’m sick of hearing things ain’t how they use to be
I’m sick of hearing things ain’t how they use to be
Values alive in my people still alive in me

Verse One
I grew up man a whole lot different than most
Father lived for his family brother just lived to smoke
Before that, yo, he lived his life for the Panthers
Mama was my teacher (and) Granny fought off cancer
Just being a kid seeing how real life is
My hero full head of hair all came from a wig
Growing up wasn’t like BIG
Tom Hanks had a genie I saw people live
My Grandfathers … both was hustlers
One who stole cars … other one ran numbers
My Great Uncle knew Kwame Nkumrah
Same blood in my veins Ivory Coast first tutor
My Great Grandfather was a preacher
One of Selma Alabama’s first Black teachers
So I’m failing on my people if I’m not a leader
My Grandmother wrote Mary McCleod Bethune speeches
So I strive for achievement
Despite what they said keep on leading
Keep on leading
Keep on teaching

Verse Two
I got the spirit
I got the soul
I got the heart of a rebel
And I’m fighting off the devil
Anybody come to me ain’t getting on my level
It’s like … it’s like
I got the heart, the mind, the spirit and the soul
And I’m losing control
Just like
uh Yea

I got the blood in my veins of a soldier and a king
Can’t step to me talking them things
Blood of a King in my veins



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Make it Last (Forever Detroit)

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Make it Last (Forever Detroit)

Song Performed by Khary WAE Frazier
with samples of Keith Sweat & Jacci McGhee
Written & Produced by Teddy RIley & Keith Sweat
Lyrics by Khary WAE Frazier taken from “Not Sweet”
featured on the Notes of an Artist/ Activist Album 2009
exerts from Detroit Mayors Jerome Cavanagh & Kwame Kilpatrick/ Kurt Metzger Detroit Area Community Indicator System & Lloyd Jackson WJR

Verse One
Reflections of reformed wildboys running the streets
When pick em’ up mess em’ up wasn’t nuthin’ for me
But from 7 to 11 dudes took on the streets
Playing with working 20’s not hide and go seek
We aint even understand we was falling for realities
Street life formalities, urban externalities
All we really wanted was just sumthin’ to move
Cause Pelle Pelle and some Penny’s was the things that’s cool
And girls wanted immature but they ain’t go to our school
They was tapped up on they locker but not in homeroom
And now we get it in chasing lust from all ends
With fears of commitment from heartbreak back then
Making up for adolescence life grown men
Understood Michael Jackson through my own life sins
As we getting older we got families to raise
Hanging out with boots and Dora gone make up Birthdays
As we sip a little liquor and we cut the cake
Cause what’s real is the future so the past is fake
As I bottle up our wisdom from my past mistakes
And I breathe upon the seeds to make a path create
Though my actions contradict a lot of things I say
Cause school ain’t making money and I’m bout my bank
And I decide on what to do from all the cash at stake
While I’m forced to make decisions from the cash I waste

Verse Two
I’m considered as a thinker
I engage street dreamers
With Macro Economics studied for my reasons
Justifying hoods by telling Wall Street demons
Tupac Noam Chomsky what I’m believing
On a paper chase cause my crew stay eating
Cause 6 figure moves is just how I’m thinking
IRS chase deals that’ll pull in a mil
Wanna make a little less to keep em’ outta my grill
As I’m plotting on tomorrow but survive for now
While advocating for a city that’s dying out
Population drop cause ain’t no jobs in town
Just poor people and their leeches that hand around
& take the town for everything that make it count
even the Mayor of Detroit don’t live in town
but on the cusp of the deals that’ll turn it around
it’s ironic . . . and I can’t complain
it’s only wise to concern myself with things I change
So I support all my people from the day to day
and stay focused on my grind as I work the game
by staying grounded by the people that’ll keep me sane
and spending time with the people from where I came
& I came from a place that’s a home for struggle
so we all about come ups and stay on hustles
and our hustle is the rise just to make it by

Lyrics written in 2008 by Khary Frazier all rights reserved for General Population Music

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