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Motor City Match connects new and expanding businesses with Detroit’s quality real estate opportunities, providing them with funding and tools to fuel the city’s entrepreneurial revolution.

Coriander Detroit and Alison Heeres

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Coriander Detroit is a business that provides food, herbs, and farmed foods for Detroit. Alison Heeres and Gwen Meyer began the business from a collective passion to grow their own food. Heeres and Meyer are both teachers that now re-apply their love for the community into farming and teaching. Alison and Gwen’s experience in cooking is matched with their blossoming knowledge in farming providing us all the opportunity to have food grown and prepared by experts. Click here to watch the interview with Alison Heeres as she discusses Coriander, Detroit, and being a Motor City Match winner. Click here to visit the business on Facebook.

Blessed and Highly Favored Juice Bar & Karen and Freeman Fenny

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Blessed and Highly Favored Juice Bar is a Detroit based juice bar located at 19416 Livernois Detroit MI inside 1917 American Bistro owned by Karen & Freeman Fenny.  Blessed and Highly Favored Juice Bar offers a large variety of healthy smoothies and  raw juices with nutritional ingredients such as celery, carrot, parsley, beets, ginger, black grapes, pears,  cucumber, and spinach. Also you can create your own up to 3 item. So visit the Blessed and Highly Favored Juice Bar for a refreshing treat.

Tiki’s Treasures & Teresa Singelton

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Tiki’s Treasures is a clothing reseller of wears and goods of high end fashion. Teresa Singleton is the owner of Tiki’s Treasures. Teresa is a lifelong Detroit resident and who bought a space in her 48208 neighborhood to open her business. Her business is across the street from the historic Motown Museum and will welcome guests from across the world to buy the fashions she curates as a reseller. The mix of shoes, coats, handbags, and accessories Teresa’s collected for years.  Watch the interview and find out more about Teresa, Tiki’s Treasures, and her business in her childhood community.

Pedicure and Shoes 2 Go & Ayana Williams-Jones

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Pedicure and Shoes 2 Go is a boutique located in downtown Detroit owned by Ayana Williams-Jones. Ayana started the business because she enjoys pedicures and saw a market for her store in Detroit. The vision of Pedicure and Shoes 2 Go is a boutique that welcomes high-end service with salon and spa menu. Massages, pedicures, manicures, and also a boutique of shoes are all available at Pedicure and Shoes 2 Go.

Tribalfare & Owner Ojas Akolkar

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Tribalfare specializes in offering one of a kind ethnic products, hand-made by artisans across India. Tribalfare was started by Ojas Akolkar. Alolkar’s Indian heritage is offered through clothing, jewelry, and even dance. Tribalfare also teaches Bollywood dance classes too. Watch this short interview to find out more about Ojas & Tribalfare. Click the following link to visit the website and buy something from Tribalfare Today Tribalfare.

YEAH Detroit & Owners Michael & Chaetoya Smith

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YEAH Detroit is a firm that assists in Detroiter’s in entrepreneurship. Sponsorship, business planning, marketing, and photography are all tasks that YEAH Detroit works hands on with to develop your business. Michael and Chaetoya Smith are newly weds building heir business and family in the heart of Detroit. Check out their inspirational story of how Young Adults At Home … DETROIT came to life and their win with Motor City Match.

Al-Wali Child Care Center & Sameerah Saadiq

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Al-Wali Child Care Center is a school welcoming students on Detroit’s East side at 12845 Conant Detroit MI. Al-Wali Child Care Center was launched and run by Sameerah Saadiq.


Pharmacy 4 Less & Belief Emadamerho

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Meet Pharmacy 4 Less! Pharmacy 4 Less is an independent retail pharmacy located inside the Saveway Supermarket at 13233 E. 7 Mile Road.  Pharmacy 4 Less provides services to the under-served Osborn community, whose residents often face chronic health issues related to long-term poverty.  Belief Emadamerho owns Pharmacy 4 Less, and this video features his journey to becoming a winner of the Motor City Match program.

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