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IT in the D

Nuri Gocay, Dave Phillips, and Bob Waltenspiel deliver a weekly preview of their amazing podcast from Podcast Detroit Network. With over 5,000,000 listens, networking events, and tech savvy these guys deliver for Detroit.

IT in the D the Motor City Comic Con

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IT in the D 143 kicks off with talking to Lea Thompson. On this episode of IT in The D, did a deep dive with two teachers from DPS as to the issues facing the schools, the students and the teachers and how crazy things have become. Also conversations with John E.L. Tenney, Ming Chen Comic Book Men, JASON DAVID FRANK – Official Fan Page and Jordan Trovillion. A great show with a ton of actually relevant and important information while still managing to be entertaining and a little geeky thanks to CKC agency hooking them up with guests from this weekend’s Motor City Comic Con, where IT in the D will have a MEGABOOTH at the Suburban Collection this weekend!

IT in the D episode 142 X-File Smoker

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When you start the show with William B. Davis (aka Cigarette Smoking Man) of the The X-Files, you know it’s going to be a great night. We continued with Open Systems Technologies, Inc., Local Apparel USA, practical effects and make up professional Daniel Phillips and model / welder Alloy Ash from the upcoming Motor City Comic Con. We also talked through the weekend’s mayhem at Penguicon 2016, our glorious victory at getting people drinking and having fun, this Thursday’s Metro Detroit Podcaster Meetup, and all sorts of other topics for episode 142 of the IT in The D show live from the Podcast Detroit studio. Give it a listen folks, it was one HELL of an episode! Special thanks to CKC agency for helping us with guest coordination…and stay tuned for even more next week!

IT in the D Episode 138 Rhino the War Machine of Politics

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IT in the D Episode 138 on Podcast Detroit with Dave the Geek, Nuri the FNG and Bob the Sales Guy deliver another show of information and hijinks. The IT in the D crew we’re joined by Dan from Visit Detroit, Terry, the man behind Vote for Rhino, and Andre from Hispanic IT Executive Council. Tune in live Monday nights and listen on soundcloud or through the i-tunes network as well.


IT in the D episode 137 Falling Down Beer Co!

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This week on IT in the D episode 137 of the podcast is upon us all. The word of today is ‘BEER!’ Mark Larson of Falling Down Beer Company joins the show with Stephen from Batch Brewery to talk the collaboration brew. Also it’s the Third Anniversary for Falling Down Beer Company as Mark is the 1st guest on the preview show. New Line Group are also guests and Bob and Dave talk Batman vs. Superman.

IT in the D episode 136 Agile and Beyond …

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IT in the D is back again previewing Podcast episode 136. Dave the Geek, Nuri the FNG, and Bob the Sales Guy all provide another informative discussion full of hijinks, shenanigans, and banter. Guests this week include Next Home Metro with a business combining home buyer savvy and online resources to make the home buying process suck less. Also the conference team from Agile and Beyond!

IT in the D Podcast 135: Penguincon & Linux Systems

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Dave the Geek, Nuri the FNG, and Bob the Geek all rally up again to talk Penguincon 2016 with Steve Kennedy shares the fun coming up April 29 – May 1 2016. Also Tom Lawrence comes in and talks his youtube channel, Linux systems, and more. Finally the crew re-cap the Pink Slip Party Spring 2016.

IT in the D episode 6 Mid West Comic Con

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Dave Phillips the Geek and Nuri Gocay the FNG are in full effect again for IT in the D weekly. Bob Waltenspiel is on a pleasurable business trip in Miami FL, as Dave & Nuri hold down the fort. This week Dave and Nuri interview Angels of Hope and also the Mid West Comic Con people are in the Podcast Detroit studio sharing how their movement grows.

IT in the D Episode 5: McDonald’s has Burger King … sometimes

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IT in the D Episode 5 Dave Phillips the Geek, Nuri Gocay the FNG, and Bob Waltenspiel the Sales Guy come with the preview of IT in the D Podcast 133 (Over 1 Million Listens with Tens of Thousands Weekly!) This week they bring in another Podcast network, talk a new business in town, and … the networking event all you coders, designers, programmers, and techs need to attend next week March 10th.

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