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Al-Wali Child Care Center & Sameerah Saadiq

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Al-Wali Child Care Center is a school welcoming students on Detroit’s East side at 12845 Conant Detroit MI. Al-Wali Child Care Center was launched and run by Sameerah Saadiq.


Pharmacy 4 Less & Belief Emadamerho

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Meet Pharmacy 4 Less! Pharmacy 4 Less is an independent retail pharmacy located inside the Saveway Supermarket at 13233 E. 7 Mile Road.  Pharmacy 4 Less provides services to the under-served Osborn community, whose residents often face chronic health issues related to long-term poverty.  Belief Emadamerho owns Pharmacy 4 Less, and this video features his journey to becoming a winner of the Motor City Match program.

Detroit Sip & Jevona Watson

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Meet Detroit Sip! Detroit Sip is an urban coffee house in Detroit’s University District that will open in the spring. Located at 7420 McNichols, Detroit Sip will soon offer a welcome home for college students, neighbors, and visitors to enjoy one another. Jevona Watson owns Detroit Sip, and this video features her journey to becoming a winner of the Motor City Match program.

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