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Ruth Bell and Chugga’s Bakery

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In 2012, Ruth Bell launched Chugga’s Main Street Bakery, LLC in Detroit, after losing her job from a downsizing and talking to a consultant who believed the bakery business was her best option because of past bakery experiences. Doing this she’s continued something she loves and helped others in the process. The specialty monkey breads are sold throughout Metro-Detroit at Meijer, Holiday Market, and Detroit’s Eastern Market.

Toni & Neko Washington of Daddy Doo Wops

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Daddy Doo Wops is the experiential food, song, and theater vision of Toni & Neko Washington. The Detroit sisters have a lifetime of experience preparing food. For over 15 years they both worked with their Mother and Father in a catering and restaurant business based on Detroit’s Westside. The Doo Wop is also inspired by their Father who is a Doo Wop performer. Toni and Neko also sing Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Opera, and Gospel. Daddy Doo Wops mixes their musical and culinary talents for a one of a kind experience for all guests. Daddy Doo Wops is a Motor City Match winner for the make a plan to assist in business design, strategy, and scheduling. Watch the interview with Toni and Neko for Daddy Doo Wops.

Lester Gouvia and Norma G’s

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Meet Norma G’s! Norma G’s is a Caribbean food truck, looking for a brick and mortar location in to open in Detroit. Owner Lester Gouvia grew up surrounded by traditional West Indian cuisine, and was taught to cook by his mother. These dishes usually include curry goat, chicken, and lamb mixed with root vegetables to make a hearty meal. This week’s Small Biz Stories features his journey to winning the Motor City Match program.

Jay Rayford and Social Sushi

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Meet Social Sushi! Social Sushi is a unique experience, serving a curated menu of sustainable sushi paired with a special sauce and community engagement. Every Saturday, they collaborate with Our/Detroit Vodka for a popup dinner and networking event. Owner Jay Radford is developing Social Sushi into a sustainable restaurant, breathing new life into a currently empty space, creating jobs, working with local farmers for produce, and exclusively using sustainable seafood. This week’s Small Biz Stories features his journey to winning the Motor City Match program.

P3 Irrigation and Jonathan Pommerville

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Jonathon Pommerville has built P3 Irrigation. For years Jonathon worked with businesses installing and repairing irrigation systems. This led Jonathon and his wife to open P3 Irrigation which now offers service and delivers throughout Metro-Detroit. His knowledge of 15 plus years placing irrigation systems is from a passion for the business. Jonathon also has a passion to his Brightmoor community where he’s lived most his life. Jonathon beautifies the neighborhood and leads many neighborhood efforts.

Coriander Detroit and Alison Heeres

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Coriander Detroit is a business that provides food, herbs, and farmed foods for Detroit. Alison Heeres and Gwen Meyer began the business from a collective passion to grow their own food. Heeres and Meyer are both teachers that now re-apply their love for the community into farming and teaching. Alison and Gwen’s experience in cooking is matched with their blossoming knowledge in farming providing us all the opportunity to have food grown and prepared by experts. Click here to watch the interview with Alison Heeres as she discusses Coriander, Detroit, and being a Motor City Match winner. Click here to visit the business on Facebook.

Blessed and Highly Favored Juice Bar & Karen and Freeman Fenny

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Blessed and Highly Favored Juice Bar is a Detroit based juice bar located at 19416 Livernois Detroit MI inside 1917 American Bistro owned by Karen & Freeman Fenny.  Blessed and Highly Favored Juice Bar offers a large variety of healthy smoothies and  raw juices with nutritional ingredients such as celery, carrot, parsley, beets, ginger, black grapes, pears,  cucumber, and spinach. Also you can create your own up to 3 item. So visit the Blessed and Highly Favored Juice Bar for a refreshing treat.

Tiki’s Treasures & Teresa Singelton

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Tiki’s Treasures is a clothing reseller of wears and goods of high end fashion. Teresa Singleton is the owner of Tiki’s Treasures. Teresa is a lifelong Detroit resident and who bought a space in her 48208 neighborhood to open her business. Her business is across the street from the historic Motown Museum and will welcome guests from across the world to buy the fashions she curates as a reseller. The mix of shoes, coats, handbags, and accessories Teresa’s collected for years.  Watch the interview and find out more about Teresa, Tiki’s Treasures, and her business in her childhood community.

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