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J&G Pallets and Trucking with Les Lance

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J&G Pallets began in 1992 in the backyard of their home. Currently have 21 employees most of which currently live in Detroit. Located just on the edge of an industrial community and Eastside residential community…located 5 minutes from Eastern Market, Downtown Detroit and 2 major automotive plants. J&G Pallets is a resource for all manufacturers and warehouses in Metro-Detroit.

Woodward Throwbacks with Kyle Dubay and Bo Shepard

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Kyle Dubay and Bo Shepherd grew the vision of Woodward Throwbacks as an idea of creating sustainable products while helping the community. Woodward Throwbacks ended up evolving into a community based company that salvages wood from illegal dumping sites throughout the city. Kyle & Bo live and work in the city and both have witnessed how illegal dumping is a huge problem. And Woodward Throwback’s is their solution.

Nappy Kinky Coily with Ivy Hunter

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Nappy, Kinky, Coily is a place that is dependable, where customers can trust that their ideas for their image, can, and will be designed to complement them. Detroit is a fine location for the business because most of the patrons live in Detroit or work in Detroit and they will like being able to get to their salon quickly. The salon will be one meaningful business in a collaboration to make great use of Detroit’s spaces.

Terri’s Cakes Detroit with Garnet Terri Gullett

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Terri’s Cakes is the family started business that specializes and premium baking for weddings, birthdays, and more. Garnet Terri Gullet is caring on the tradition of the business from the footsteps of her Mother who cared on the tradition from her Father. Today Garnet is leading the opening of Terri’s Cakes first store front operation to be located in Corktown Detroit on Michigan Ave. Watch the interview with Garnet and find out more about Terri’s Cakes.

Bamboo Detroit with Amanda Lewan

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Bamboo Detroit has grown to 105 co-working customers at their 1442 Brush Street location. However, they have been turning away customers and unable to hold large events based on the current size and space limits. Now Bamboo Detroit is building out a new space at 1420 Washington BLVD for a future home that better serves their customer base providing a mix of dedicated desks, private offices, additional conferences rooms along with open co-working and offers larger event space for our community programming.

Patrick Beal of Detroit Training Center

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Meet Detroit Training Center! Detroit Training Center is a vocational education company that helps individuals, contractors, non-profits, and governmental entities achieve their career goals in areas of high and growing employment demand. Located at 5151 Lorraine Street, Detroit Training Center educates students in industries such as construction, heavy equipment, facility maintenance, landscaping, and commercial truck driving. This week’s Small Biz Stories features their journey to winning the Motor City Match program.

Manuel Jones & Tilman Robinson of Hi-Def Graphfx

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Tilman Robinson & Manuel Jones always has had the enthusiasm and the ability to interact with anyone and a PASSION for success. The vision of HI DEF GRAPHFXS and Media is to awake dreams help entrepreneurs, create and building their brand through advertising, provide jobs and service the community by providing start-ups with marketing material such as flyers, business cards, brochures at an affordable cost.

Chad Dickinson and I’m Here

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19350 is one of the most interesting and historically valuable properties in Detroit. The old Hunter’s Supper Club development, which spans three addresses. It consists of two wooden structures, one of which used to be a residence, and another building which has a beautiful timber framed roof. When local people speak of this property, this is the building they are speaking about, with it’s large fireplace, and vaulted wood ceilings; it’s a neighborhood gem. Chad Dickinson and the I’m Here Team aims to turn this property into an asset for all businesses located on site by making it available in limited capacity for community events, weddings, concerts, etc. In the small house, which is located at the front of the property on Livernois, I’m Here will develop retail. Currently I’m Here is to renovating the house to sell home goods, as well as offer design services, workshops, and limited work space; all in a market-type setting.

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