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Around Detroit: Techonomy Detroit 2014

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Tuesday September 16, 2014 Detroit was host of it’s third annual Techonomy Conference. Techonomy is a conference that provides the visions of how and why technology can help re-shape society. Since 2012 I’ve been an attendant through working for the Michigan Citizen Newspaper. I’ve always enjoyed the creativity and focus of Techonomy.

As Techonomy 2014 approached I eagerly sought out access to host podcast interviews. Through the support and assistance of Michigan Citizen Newspaper Publisher Catherine Kelly, Techonomy Director of Program Operations Tim Charters, and Edelman Marketing Coordinator Liz Leismer my Techonomy Detroit 2014 experience was amazing.

Partnering with The Michigan Citizen Newspaper I hosted a series of interviews with Techonomy participants. The interviews all explore the impact technology has had, does have, and could have upon Detroit. I enjoyed all the interviews thoroughly. I hope you appreciate these interviews as well.

(*All pictures used are for exclusive use of Techonomy Media)

Justin Fox NY Harvard Business Review

David Kirkpatrick Founder of Techonomy

Laura Mather Founder of Unitive

Justin Fox, David Kirkpatrick, and Gabriella Gomez-Mont
Justin Fox, David Kirkpatrick, and Gabriella Gomez-Mont

Charlie Molthrop American Venture Fellow

Gabriella Gomez-Mont Mexico City Chief Creativity Officer

Marlin Page Founder of Sisters Code

Arun Sundararajan, Marlin Page, and Liz Shuler
Arun Sundararajan, Marlin Page, and Liz Shuler

Elizabeth Shuler Secretary Treasurer of the AFL-CIO

Arun Sundararajan NYU Professor of Urban Science

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