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Around Detroit: Metro 37 Studios

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Metro 37 Studios is one of the best recording studios in Metro Detroit. Producers Ryan Arini, Matt Dalton, and Kevin Sharpe all collaborate creating a dream space for musicians, vocalists, recording engineers, and music producers. Matt Dalton was the founding member of this collective in 2005 (it was originally built in 2002). Notable artists in hip-hop (Machine Gun Kelly, Ma$e), hard rock (Trans-Siberian Orchestra , Hawthorne Heights), and metal (Madam X) have all worked at Metro 37 Studios.

Inside Metro 37 Recording Studios A
Inside Metro 37 Recording Studios A

Ryan Arini and Kevin Sharpe joined the studio in 2008. Arini is a musician (guitarist), vocalist, audio engineer, and fan of music. Sharpe is a musician (key player) and world renown audio engineer. In 2008 Arini’s band (Hell Rides North) won an ‘89X Battle of the Bands’ competition for $10,000, and album recording at Metro 37 Studios. Sharpe at the time was the live engineer for the band. Upon visiting Metro 37 Studios (for the recording of the album) Sharpe and Arini joined the studio as partners.

Inside Metro 37 Recording Studios B
Inside Metro 37 Recording Studios B

Arini is my connection to Metro 37. In 2011 we met at the Detroit Music Awards (URGE ALL MUSIC ARTISTS, BUSINESS PEOPLE, AND PLAYERS TO GO). Arini has a humble and practical approach towards life that carries over into his music, recording, mixing, and mastering. I feel likability matters in many business realms, but in a recording studio it’s essential for artists, producers, and engineers. Arini’s band (Hell Rides North) has released albums in 2008 and 2012. The band has been together since 2003 (great sign for any band). Currently Arini is making a solo project that blends many alternative and acoustic styles. It will be released later this year. Hear his music. Below I’ve posted Hell Rides North’s version of Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy the Silence.’ Arini recorded, mixed, and mastered the song (he’s formally trained and certified by Fuil Sail University class of 2003).

CLICK PLAY: “Enjoy The Silence” from Let The Wicked Burn by Hell Rides North. 2012. Metal.

“The advantage of a recording studio over home recording is you don’t have to do all the work yourself in painting your audio picture,” Arini. I’m next up working with Arini in June on a project to be released in November. Metro 37 is offering all Detroit is Different guests a deal of $45 per hour of studio time. I encourage all of you that are interested in working in a studio, looking for a good studio, or want to try something fun to visit. Call (586) 549-2879 and/or visit Metro37  and get your discount.

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