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Around Detroit: Le Petit Zinc

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Le Petit Zinc is a restaurant located in Detroit’s Corktown district (1055 Trumbull Detroit MI 48216). The ‘Zinc’ specializes in authentic French cuisine. The entrepreneur and owner is Karima Sorel. Karima is a visual artist, world traveler and personal friend. “I want people to feel alive and taste the world visiting Le Petit Zinc,” Sorel.

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The Le Petit Zinc offers diners a variety of crepes, salads, croissants and baguettes. Open from 10am – 4pm Monday through Saturday; and 9am – 3pm on Sunday’s; Le Petit Zinc serves breakfast as well. Complimenting breakfast is a full service café with espressos, coffees, cappuccinos and mochas. Le Petit Zinc menu offers a world experience, at a reasonable cost. Visit online and see what you’d like to order when you visit .

I think it’s a very colorful and cool place to visit. Le Petit Zinc is a change of pace from heavier food, and the industrial look of most modern restaurants. Sorel’s artistry fills the restaurant with her visions of traveling the world.

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Le Petit Zinc also plays an important role in Detroit is Different. Monthly I am hosting an event at the Le Petit Zinc, “Seven O’Clock Saturday Stories.” The event will be a conversation between myself and a guest welcoming an audience. Le Petit Zinc offers a great feel and look for this live event/podcast recording.

Seven O’Clock Saturday Stories premieres Saturday April 26 2014 at 7pm at Le Petit Zinc 1055 Trumbull Detroit MI 48216. The inaugural guest is Malik Yakini of the Detroit Food Security Network. This event is free and welcome for all guests.

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