Around Detroit: Goodwell’s Natural Food Market

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Goodwell’s is an eatery and market in Detroit’s Midtown District. Located blocks away from Wayne State University, Goodwell’s sits at 418 Willis, between Cass Ave and Second Avenue. Goodwell’s has grown to become one of the best options in Detroit for great tasting food that’s great for your health. It also is one of author Yusef Shakur’s favorite places to visit and enjoy in Detroit.

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Goodwell’s Avocado Delight, Shaun Moore-Bey & Yusef Shakur, Goodwell’s Organic Foods


Shakur was first introduced to Goodwell’s five years ago. He immediately supported the business. At that time, Shakur was busy opening the Urban Network Bookstore and Café, partially inspired by the Black-owned business with community ties: “I looked to Goodwell’s as a blueprint of how to stay community driven, and nation build with a business.” The day we met for our interview, Goodwell’s was also visited by hip-hop artist Shaun Moore-Bey, visual artist Mark Brown, and community activist Ron Scott. “I love how the Detroiters I know and admire support Goodwell’s,” said Shakur, “The elders visit often, and give me support in passing.”

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Yusef Shakur’s State of Black Detroit Saturday Feb 21. 2015 @ 5PM Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe 12511 Woodward in Highland Park, MI


Shakur’s favorite dish from Goodwell’s is the Avocado Delight (Pita sandwich with avocado, baby spinach, veggie sauce, carrots, and onions). The eatery is known for it’s vegetarian chili. It also features soups of the day. Goodwell’s uses all organic food and is one of the few restaurants in the city serving vegetarian and vegan dishes. Shakur also strongly recommends the ginger tea and ginger juice.

When available and open I suggest visiting Goodwell’s Natural Food Market to enjoy an organic and tasteful meal. During your visit don’t be surprised to find Yusef Shakur there writing another book, meeting with Detroiters, or enjoying a meal–for Goodwell’s is the place Yusef loves “Around Detroit”.