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Michigan is the Great Lake State! This uniquely gives Detroit one of the best fresh water supplies of the world! (Interestingly enough the battle over Detroit water is deeply rooted. Today water shut-offs by the ‘Detroit’ Water & Sewage Department is trending across local and international headlines. If you follow the issue over the years, it’s always been Detroit’s most viable asset.) This provides Detroit with one of the best lake shore lines in the world. Belle Isle park’s world renown look, feel, and nature gives a glimpse of Detroit, Windsor ON, and the Detroit River. Brian Mulloy loves it!

Brian is a friend in business that runs the website DetroitAshore . It provides an online glimpse into the water sports available in Detroit and South East Michigan. “I lived in San Francisco for 10 years. The Pacific Ocean only made me miss the Great Lakes and the Detroit River more. When I moved back, I embraced Belle Isle, and my paddleboard” Brian Mulloy.

Brian’s website features sailing, power boating, surfing, paddle boarding, wind water sporting, and fishing. Ashore Detroit posts stories about the people, businesses, groups, and safety of the Detroit water ways has a home at DetroitAshore . This resourceful website is also insightful. The narrative of the people who are the water sports enthusiasts here are amazing. The enjoyment and commitment of the Southeast Michigan residents who year round make their way to the Detroit water ways is humbling. Against the snow, ice, winter temperatures, summer humidity, and summer heat they stay engaged.

Fishing, King on the Paddleboard (jessica Care moore's Son and 1 of my favorite little homies), and kids on Belle Isle paddle boarding
Fishing, King on the Paddleboard (jessica Care moore’s Son and 1 of my favorite little homies), and kids on Belle Isle paddle boarding

Brian’s commitment to water sports began with an introduction from his late grandfather who lived on Detroit’s Eastside in the Gratiot and Outer Dr neighborhood. Learning to swim at Chandler Park’s pool, there after Brian’s grandfather taught him fishing on Belle Isle. Fishing on Belle Isle welcomed his father and the Chrysler co-workers his father worked with as well. These experiences eventually expanded to skiing and surfing of Lake Huron with his Uncles and cousins. Brian’s experience and love for the Detroit water ways runs deep. Today you can find Brian on Belle Isle weekly paddle boarding (as long as there is no ice, Brian’s paddle boarding in the warmth of a wet suit).

Brian’s website along with other Detroit water sport enthusiasts are expanding this growing culture. Currently there is a RFP (request for proposal) from the State of Michigan for a surf shop for Belle Isle Park. There are kayak, canoe, boat, and paddle board rental services available on Belle Isle Park currently. There are also a number of boat, yacht, and jet ski rental services available at Detroit’s port/ riverfront authority.

I urge of you to take the time to enjoy the Detroit River and sport by visiting the DetroitAshore website and seeing what’s happening.