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WAE Music: I Oh My featuring Shiron Denise

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I oh My

Performed by Khary WAE Frazier & Shiron Denise
Notes of an Artist/Activist album released in 2009
Produced by Ian Sherman
Written by K. Frazier & I. Sherman
Hip-hop Vocalist Khary WAE Frazier
Soul Vocalist Shiron Denise

Verse One
Peace and blessings how I finish off letter
Cousin second tour of Iraq got him stressing
While I try to get better
People in the streets carrying concealed weapons
And moms getting older
And Detroit city push her blood pressure over
Feel like that but a whole lot younger
Praying for each other just to keep on going
While my brother on his knuckles
blew his bail out now he looking for a hustle
100K in a year get spent like nuthin
we grew up we just use to the struggle
and my hood stay changing
seniors passing on grandkids is my neighbors
so my block stay alive like Vegas
my man got strong armed over small paper
on his front porch face to face with a banger
since then I ain’t had a next door neighbor
. . . as we lose hope
politicians get indicted so how can I vote
. . . and my phone been tapped
best friend facing fed time caught up in a trap
and he just had a son so we talk about that
and avoid conversations bout what newspapers said
. . . as I listen to the music
I don’t even get the same feeling when I do it
More I know the business I wish I was I was clueless
Bout to be 30 so it feel like it’s useless
. . . but I hear the rhythm and see the reality of grandma sanging

Bronx NY @ Smart Monkii Studios with Cortland Hawkins
Bronx NY @ Smart Monkii Studios with Cortland Hawkins

I Oh My Wondering Why

Verse Two
asking god for less while thanking god for more
reality’s the same couple bucks away from poor
more that I get more I got to pay for
ask me for help situation like yours
I ain’t never had nuthin
I’m afraid of success that’s a different thing to stomach
:put my heart in a art that nobody respect
when I tell you I’m a rapper then you see me for less
own family think I’m wasting time I don’t got left
so I think about survival and I dream success
. . . as I script out lyrics
while searching for the god in the next man spirit
planning for my God Son that’s still an infant
born on my birthday his life gone be different
looking to the future with dreams of fulfillment
while I’m getting use to just living how I’m living

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