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7 O’Clock Saturday Stories: Henry Tyler

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I believe the voice of Detroit’s community is best heard through two media outlets; The Michigan Citizen Newspaper, and WHPR 88.1fm/ TV33. The Michigan Citizen Newspaper is a family business that has grown for over 35 years. Charles and Teresa Kelly started the paper, and now their daughter Catherine Kelly continues the vision of empowering a voice for the community.

I’ve worked for, and with the Michigan Citizen Newspaper since 2007. Working for the Michigan Citizen Newspaper in 2008, and 2009 I hosted the television program ‘Michigan Citizen Weekly’ on TV33. At TV33 I met a host of guests creating a mix of events, programs, businesses, and organizations. One of the most impactful people I met at TV33 was Henry Tyler. He was my programming engineer. Mr. Tyler’s advice and critique (of which I stubbornly accepted maybe 1/3 of) has helped blossom my humility. For two years weekly I looked forward to visiting and being a part of TV33.

TV 333 and Henry Tyler
TV 333 and Henry Tyler

TV33 is run by RJ Watkins and Henry Tyler. Both are entrepreneurs I admire. Providing people a platform to reach an audience through radio, television, and the internet to change lives is empowering. Often I engage discussions about the stories of Black people, Detroit, and hip-hop’s portrayal in mass media. As much as I enjoy debating (if you know me, you know I do) I’ve come to the resolution that I have a responsibility to share the stories I’d like to honor. Therefore NBC, BET, Fox News, the Detroit Free Press, and World Star Hip-hop all have an alternative I support (thank you for visiting Detroit is Different).

Henry Tyler is my guest for 7 O’Clock Saturday Stories Saturday July 26, 2014. At this event we will discuss his Detroit story. This is a live podcast recording for the Detroit is Different podcast I produce. 7 O’Clock Saturday Stories is a free event. That will be hosted at Le Petit Zinc restaurant in Detroit’s historic Corktown district at 1055 Trumbull Detroit MI 48216 at 7pm.

The Scene, Henry Tyler (looking like Richard Roundtree), and Scene Dancers
The Scene, Henry Tyler (looking like Richard Roundtree), and The Scene Dancers

Henry Tyler’s Biography   

Affectionately called “H.T.” is the Vice President of Productions and Program Director of Highland Park/Detroit based media outlet WHPR Radio 88.1 FM, UHF TV 33 and Comcast Cable 20 Detroit.  Henry is a master behind the camera, in front of the camera, engineering a radio show or hosting his own.  In other words, not much has been conceived of in broadcast media that he hasn’t mastered.  Not only is he a genius when it comes to technical and music history, Henry is the epitome of a ‘go to’ man.

Henry believes that the success of WHPR Radio 88.1 FM, UHF TV 33 and Comcast Cable 20 Detroit has been well worth all his efforts.  He quotes the late Erma Bombeck when he says, “when I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’”

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