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43 in 67 Campaign

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Over the past three years I’ve been inactive as a hip-hop performer. Launching the Detroit is Different website has welcomed back a lot of my support. I’m thankful for the hundreds of opportunities I’ve had to perform, speak, and host events throughout Metro-Detroit since 2002. Humbled by what I have accomplished, and eager to accomplish more, I’m ready to touch audiences again.

Summer of 2014 I’m leading an event based marketing campaign. The campaign is ’43 in 67’ – it’s an artistic venture in which I will perform, host, interview, and/or speak at a series of 43 presentations in 67 days. The title of the campaign is inspired by the Detroit uprisings of 1943 and 1967.

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The ’43 in 67’ campaign will start Wednesday, July 23, and close Saturday, September 27.The campaign starts with a video interview I will produce and distribute through youtube. The closing event will be my theatrical-style Detroit narrative ‘If Detroit were Heaven.’ This will be held at 5eLement Hip-hop Art Gallery in the First Unitarian-Universalist Church of Detroit located at 4605 Cass Ave. in Detroit’s Wayne State University district.  The gallery is an alternative multidisciplinary arts organization that presents and supports contemporary artists and their work.

My goal is to appear at a diverse collective of events to reach an expansive, intergenerational audience. Strategically, I will develop a social media campaign gathering email addresses, Facebook friendships, and Instagram connections, and Twitter connections. This social media campaign will share a collective of pictures and messages telling the story of the ’43 in 67’ campaign, including its historical framing.

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I’ve selected three songs to perform throughout the ’43 in 67’ campaign:

  1. “If Detroit were Heaven,” an imaginative take on the people, places, and things that I feel would create the setting for Detroit if it were Heaven. This song makes reference to many of Detroit’s strong Black Power political and social figures prominent throughout the 1970s to 1990s.
  2. “It’s So Fresh,” is about my relationship with my maternal grandmother, women of my family, and older cousins. The song is told from my childhood perspective.
  3. “This is it What!” is about a hip-hop, word play-based song regarding my beliefs on metaphysical philosophy.

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