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November 2015

Detroit is Different the Painters: Mr Cliffnote & Sterling Toles

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Clifton ‘Cliffnote’ Perry and Sterling Toles are renaissance men of the hip-hop world. Rap artists, music producers, sketch artists, and painters. Both have spent a lifetime creating cloths, toys, music, and GREAT freestyle raps. Their visual works have been featured on world recognized album art work, comic books with national distribution, art galleries nationally, and urban clothing throughout the hip-hop community. Clifton and Sterling are also two of the people I kill time with in conversations about how art and hip-hop relate.

Detroit is Different: the Painter Chaz Miller

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I present Chaz Miller. Chaz is one of the most inspirational artists anyone can meet. A true visual creative in all forms and fashions, Chaz is an artist at his core. Murals, caricatures, photography, and when he lived in Los Angelos he designed sets for television and film. Residing back in Detroit keeping care of his beautiful Mother, Chaz gives back to Detroit with creativity. Chaz’s studio is at the Artist Village at Lahser & Grand River. Miller is an artist making John George’s vision come to fruition everyday.

Detroit is Different the Painter Devin Laster

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Detroit is Different today presents Devin Laster. Devin is a visual artist that draws and paints ‘pop art.’ For over a decade this Detroit and New Yorker has given his talent to the canvas. Images of public figures and celebrities of past and today are his scope. Devin has been inspired to present people he feels moved by for many reasons. Today I highlight this Detroiter keeping it Different who’s also my cousin.

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