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Detroit is Different: the Inventor DJ Los Detroit Hip-hop Pioneer

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DJ Los is one of the pioneers of Detroit Hip-hop. In 1988 he and E-Z B released the first hip-hop album by a Detroit artist, “Untouchable.” ‘Untouchable’ had hit songs ‘Girl You’re my Destiny’ and ‘Untouchable’ (you-tube the songs … now and take a listen to history). Since 88’ he and his father have impacted the world of hip-hop. The label ‘World One Records’ released “Untouchable” and many of the first hip-hop records in Detroit. His contribution is as impactful as Smokey Robinson, and one of my closest mentors Derrick May, though not propped up to where it should be.

Techonomy Detroit 2015

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Special Edition of Detroit is Different, Techonomy Detroit 2015! Techonomy is a conference that took place Tuesday September 15, 2015 in Detroit covering the economic and social impact of technology on the World, America, and Detroit. The conference focuses on how the development of technology can help shift the ideas, spark initiatives, and change realities. 2012 was the first year the conference took place in Detroit, since then much has gotten DIFFERENT.

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Thomas Ermacora of Clear-Village, David Kirkpatrick of Techonomy, and Jess Kutch of CoWorker


A technology industry has blossomed throughout Detroit similar to Silicon Valley and San Francisco in the early 1990’s. Technology start-up businesses using the internet as a means to facilitate, deliver, and process products/services are being founded in Detroit daily. This year’s conference welcomed dynamic guest speakers that have earned millions of dollars leading technology firms. More interesting the attendants to the conference were made up of a majority of entrepreneurs with businesses technology driven.



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James Marsh of Odette School of Business, Natalia Petraszczuk, and Eric Thomas of Saga Marketing


In 2014 I covered the conference for Detroit is Different in collaboration with the Michigan Citizen Newspaper (love ya’ Catherine!). This year I welcomed two of my favorite thinkers on systems, people, and policy to help gather an understanding of how technology can help provide opportunity for the many families that have made Detroit their new home, and those who have been here for generations.

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Andrew Yang of Venture for America and Karoli Hindricks of Jobbatical



Detroit is Different: the Inventors Kyle Hoff & Alex O’Dell

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I introduce you to two of the youngest and most innovative entrepreneurs I know, Kyle Hoff and Alex O’Dell. Kyle and Alex founded and lead Floyd. Floyd is a furniture company for today. It began in 2013 with the concept for the Floyd Legs. The Floyd Legs are free standing stands that help recreate any flat surface into a table top. This company began with a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $250,000 with 1,395 backers. The practical idea has blossomed into a line of furniture, growing business, ties with manufacturers, and great team of young creative people working together.


Detroit is Different: the Inventor Greg Frazier CPA

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Welcome back to Detroit is Different. This week is a special feature for my September 2015 month highlighting inventors; I present my Father Greg Frazier CPA. For over 25 Greg has built and designed software solutions that help all business processes. Specializing in accounting, manufacturing, and point of sale systems his solutions have saved a series of businesses millions of dollars, and hours of time in operations. For Detroit is Different my Father (Frazier) tells the start of his passion for computer programming attending University of Cincinnati and what his work does today.


Detroit is Different: the Inventor Mike Forsyth

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Detroit is Different keeps moving forward providing a glimpse into the culture making up Detroit City! Today I introduce the September 2015 feature of the Inventor. The food, farmers, and butchers of Detroit all have a home of tradition in Eastern Market. Last year the Detroit City Distillery joined that Eastern Market tradition adding a home of Bourbon, Gin, Vodka, and Whiskey to Detroit. Founder Mike Forsyth uses is joined by a team of committed partners using farms, woods, and spices throughout Michigan giving a taste to Detroit.


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